Migrating Your Insight Server

2/4/2014 10:36 PM
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To migrate the Insight server components from one server to another, we recommend installing a new instance of the Insight server components onto the new server and then have the new instance point to the original databases. Here are the steps:

***If the new server's machine name differs from the original server let us know so we can start the license transfer process for your new Insight server, otherwise your Insight services will not start. If the server name is the same, copy over your 'insightCollectionManager.key' file to your new 'License-Files' folder on your new server.

***Upgrade the current Insight suite to the latest version (if not already running latest) otherwise issues will come up because of inconsistencies in the databases.  http://software.lunaimaging.com/software/6.3/v6_3_downloads/CD3_Upgrade/suite_upgrade/

1. Create one new temporary database/schema for the user manager and another one for the collection manager.

2. Download the latest suite installer from our site to make sure you have the latest version. Run the installer on your new server as if you are installing a fresh new instance of the Insight server components.

***During the installation, point the installer to the databases you created for the new installation on the new Insight server, not your current Insight databases.

3. When asked for the "Short Name (3 characters)" use the same 3 characters from the old server, because Insight will create sub folders based on this.

***If you didn't choose the same 3 characters value that will represent the collection manager from the old server in step 3, uninstall or cancel the installation and reinstall with the proper 3 characters value.

4. After the installation, modify InsightServer.dat (collection manager) and InsightUserServer.dat (user manager) so that they point to the original databases. Delete the dummy databases.

***If the databases have also been moved, please refer to this wiki entry to update all of the necessary configuration files of this change.

5. If you want to transfer the "user shares", copy the contents of the following folder

  <Insight Installation Root>/user_manager/Image-Group-Files

to the same location on the new server.

6. If you want to transfer the annotations, copy the following folder

<Insight Installation Root>/collection_manager/???/???-Link-Files

to the same location on the new server.

7. If you want to transfer the presentations, copy the following folder

<Insight Installation Root>/collection_manager/???/???-Presentation-Files

to the same location on the new server.

8. If the location of the media manager has changed (which is probably the case for most migrations), you will also need to update the SPS references in the collection manager database using Insight Admin Tools.

If you are familiar with sql, you can use the following search and replace query against your IRSPS table in the collection manager database. This is a new feature so older DB versions might not support it.

update irsps set url=replace(url, '<old address>', '<new address>');

9. If the address of the Insight server has changed, update this new address, host name or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in the following areas of Admin Tools for the user manager and each collection manager you have installed.

User Manager-> Collections-> Address (field) with the address of the new server that's running the collection manager service

Collection Manager-> Collection Configuration-> Web Initiated JVA URLCollection Manager (field)

Collection Manager-> Collection Configuration-> Edit Browser Attributes-> Update all paths that contain the old hostname, IP address or FQDN

10. Copy over the collection background images from the old server to the exact location on the new server. The default location of theme/background files is <Insight Installation Root>/media_manager/servlet/themes/

You also have the option of having us do your migration for you as a professional service. Please contact Michelle@lunaimaging.com for a quote.